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About Jenn Pensy

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I'm Jenn, the brand and web designer behind Alpine Creative Media, based in beautiful Longmont, Colorado. I love designing and supporting other small business owners and nonprofits. I have a particular love for collaborating with retail companies, stemming from a fusion of my educational background in retail merchandising and my professional tenure at a communications agency.

My expertise extends beyond captivating designs and website development. I bring a wealth of experience in public relations (PR) and strategic marketing, providing a holistic approach to bolster your brand's visibility and resonance in the competitive landscape.

One of the things I love most about my job is collaborating with other creatives to see our shared vision come to life. I will work with you to create a brand that is authentically yours, while staying focused on connecting with your audience. My freelance business was born out of my experience at a communications agency helping many great causes and organizations win including the International Rhino Foundation, Florida Retail Federation, Florida Healthy Kids and the Tallahassee Film Festival. 

When I'm not digital designing, I enjoy playing tennis and spending time with my husband, three kids and our rescue pup Moose. 

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